The history, present, and future of

OpenAP: Open Aicraft Performance (and Emission) Model

The philosophy behind OpenAP is simple: open-source model, built from open data, advocating for open air transport research.

OpenAP is an project actively maintained by Dr. Junzi Sun. He is currently an Assistant Professor at TU Delft, whose research, among others, includes the aircraft performance and emission modeling. This project is the continuation of his PhD work on aircraft performance modeling using open data (2015-2019). Fun fact: the work of OpenAP got him awarded the best Young Scientist by SESAR JU in 2019.

Currently, he is focusing at two major development of OpenAP: 1) trajectory optimization and generation, and 2) air transport emission models. Both have welcomed contributions from researcher from different countries.

This website is a personal pet project of Junzi. You can find more about him on his website, and get in contact with him about OpenAP, freely and openly.

The source code and data of OpenAP can be found on GitHub: junzis/openap.