OpenAP Features

OpenAP library has two parts, which are OpenAP model data and OpenAP Python packages.

Model data

Follow model datasets are all made public, under GPL open-source license:

  • Aircraft data: Collected from open literature.
  • Engines data: Primarily from ICAO emission data-bank, including fuel flow and emissions.
  • Drag polar data: Exclusively derived from open data (reference).
  • Kinematic data: Kinematic model (formally WRAP) describe speed, altitude, and vertical rate.
  • Navigation data: Airport and waypoints obtained from X-plane .

Python packages

OpenAP Python library includes the following packages:

  • prop: a package for accessing aircraft and engine properties
  • thrust: a package for computing aircraft thrust
  • drag: a package for computing aircraft drag
  • fuel: a package for computing fuel consumption
  • emission: a package for computing aircraft emissions
  • kinematic: a package for accessing WRAP data
  • aero: a package for common aeronautical conversions
  • nav: a package for accessing navigation information
  • segment: a package for determining climb, cruise, descent, level flight
  • phase: a wrapper around segment, providing identification of all flight phases
  • traj: package contains a set of tools for trajectory generation

Other packages that can be installed separately:

  • top: a package for generating optimal trajectories using optimal control (see details)